SMB Security Just Got a Layer Stronger.

WatchGuard acquires Percipient Networks
to extend protection to the
DNS layer, further increasing the value
of the popular Total Security Suite.

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Put a Stop to These Common Threats

Happy Clickers

Protect your users from being victimized!

People make mistakes. There will always be someone who clicks on a suspicious URL or email attachments – no matter how much user education you offer.

Keep happy clickers from putting your network at risk.

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Protect your users from targeted attacks!

Spearphishing emails are designed to circumvent security technologies
and attack users with access to sensitive information, like executives, finance, HR, or administrative assistants.

Stop spearphishing before the bad guys catch a big one.

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Clickless Threats

Protect your users from threats beyond your control

Attacks like malvertising and exploit kits can infect an entire network without a single errant click by taking advantage of un-patched systems.

Avoid today’s sneakiest threats-even before patches are available.

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Learn how it works
(in less than 2 minutes).

We learn how attackers work and then
turn their tools against them to protect you.

What Makes Strongarm Different?

Blocks threats from doing damage, automatically

If your user accidentally clicks on a phishing email, a hacked website, or another type of threat, Strongarm will automatically block the attack from doing damage. We stop the attack before anything bad is allowed to happen, stopping happy clickers from hurting your business.

Extends your team

We’ve never met an IT manager that needed more work to do. Our cloud-based solution becomes an extension of your team. Strongarm runs in the background and any time an attack is stopped, our team will help you understand what happened and how to respond.

Reinforces your user education programs

We turn mistakes into learning opportunities. When a user clicks on a malicious link or page, instead of the phish, they are given a phishing detection game and recommendations from you. This dose of education makes your users stronger in the moment.

Provides insights on spearphish targets

Strongarm’s security experts will provide you with monthly reports on how many phishing emails have been sent to your organization. We will let you know who, which department, and how the threat actor was targeting your organization so that you can strengthen your security program based on relevant attack patterns.

Prevents access to inappropriate sites

Strongarm includes content filtering allowing you to limit access to web sites that go against your corporate policy or increase the likelihood of attack. Deploying content filtering with Strongarm is particularly helpful at remote locations where cost and support make other solutions not practical.

Defends your people

Your users need the freedom to browse the web to help your company grow. Hackers are corrupting websites to take advantage of this. Strongarm watches attackers and automatically stops users from interacting with hacked websites. Your users are protected without you having to take defensive action personally.

Small to Midsized Businesses

Safeguard your business with simple, automated, affordable security. Stop phishing, malvertising, and ransomware in their tracks so you can get back to business fast.

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Managed Service Providers

Strongarm enables MSPs to quickly and simply protect clients from phishing, malvertising, and ransomware, while reducing time spent on alerts, reporting and resolution.

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“Strongarm provided instant value to our company, stopping a popup from installing malware and stealing data. Seeing Strongarm in action reiterated the real threats that can impact a business. Strongarm gives me peace of mind that my network is secure.”

- Mike Gibson, IT Manager, Nazareth Ford

“We feel safer knowing that Strongarm is helping to protect our multiple locations from malicious attacks. It’s effortless to set up, protects all our devices immediately and has zero footprint. Like many companies our size, our IT department is swamped and a solution that fits our budget and saves us time was paramount. Strongarm fit our needs perfectly.”

- Darren Hasley, CIO, D&M Leasing

“Our antivirus is good. Strongarm is better. Strongarm was simple to deploy and immediately stopped attacks from impacting our business.”

- Mike Brooks, IT Manager, SEEPEX Inc.

“With so many other security solutions, the value just wasn’t there for the price tag. Strongarm’s value was clear to us from the get-go.”

-Ben Blakely, Director of Information Security, Workiva