Antivirus software wasn’t designed for today’s malware landscape. It’s time to wise up.

Why can’t antivirus protect you from malware?

1. Exploit kits automatically morph malware so it’s not detectable by antivirus.

2. Antivirus can’t stop outbound data theft.

Don’t worry. There’s a better way.


By Blocking malware domains.

Like pulling a weed out by the root, it’s the only way to know it’s really gone.

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Why Businesses Choose Strongarm

Small Business Pricing

Strongarm offers enterprise-level security at just $3/user per month. With Strongarm, fast-growing businesses like yours can cost-effectively deploy, protect against & clean-up malware threats.

Always-On Protection

Keep company and customer data secure 24/7 with Strongarm’s malware protection. Our set-it-and-forget-it solution continuously secures and protects against malware attacks such as ransomware and botnets.

Easy to Deploy

With no agents to install and no hardware required, your business can get up and running with Strongarm in minutes. Once it’s in place, it will automatically detect and respond to malware threats, making cleanup a breeze.

Intelligent Alerting

When our alerts arrive, you can be sure we’ve found malware and that we’ll handle it automatically. Need more information on a threat? Strongarm’s alerts are packed with the context you need to get the full picture.

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