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DNSWatch Blocking Popular Websites

February 26, 2018 | By Stephen DiCato

What Happened? Over the past three weeks, approximately 10 very popular websites have been miscategorized in our blacklists and content filtering categories. The most impact was seen when one of the data feeds powering DNSWatch blacklisted `download.microsoft.com`, `m.youtube.com`, and `www.youtube.com`. When these were added to...


User Training: A Low-Tech Solution to Phishing

September 8, 2017 | By Stephen DiCato

Early in my career, I was an active naysayer against “security awareness training.” The idea that we could train every employee in the company to actively identify phishing emails and never fall victim didn’t just seem improbable; I thought it was impossible. Why? Well, the...


Introducing Content Filtering by Strongarm: Know What Happens On Your Network

August 9, 2017 | By Stephen DiCato

If your organization relies on the internet to get work done—which most businesses today certainly do—then you may be interested in content filtering. Content filtering prevents users from visiting certain types of sites—ranging from inappropriate or dangerous ones (e.g. adult content) to mere time wasters...


6 Ways to Manage Your Passwords Like a Security Pro

July 31, 2017 | By Stephen DiCato

As we’ve explained before, bad guys generally want one of two things when they attack you online: money or information. To get to either of those goals, they often want to steal your usernames and passwords, also known as credentials. Once an attacker has your...


All for One and One for All! Introducing: The Strongarm Community Feed

June 15, 2017 | By Stephen DiCato

Strongarm customers often email or call us to let us know when they come across a new malicious website or domain. Every time someone does this, they help us make Strongarm better for everyone who uses it. Combined with threat intelligence feeds, community feedback is a...


Our Team Has Your Back: Introducing The Discussion Feature

January 30, 2017 | By Stephen DiCato

Discovering any malware that has made its way on your network as quickly as possible is important… but what you do next is just as important—if not more so. Understanding in real time what the threat is, where it’s coming from, and how to deal with...