All for One and One for All! Introducing: The Strongarm Community Feed

June 15, 2017 | By

Strongarm customers often email or call us to let us know when they come across a new malicious website or domain. Every time someone does this, they help us make Strongarm better for everyone who uses it. Combined with threat intelligence feeds, community feedback is a big part of what makes Strongarm so powerful.

Staying ahead of the latest threats requires cooperation and information sharing. We want to make it as easy as possible to make that happen. So, today we’re thrilled to announce a brand-new feature in Strongarm, the Community Feed.

The Strongarm Community Feed: What it Is and How it Works

Now, when you log in to your Strongarm dashboard to blackhole (block) a domain, you have the option to also send it to our team for analysis. We’ll carefully review what you submit, and then, if appropriate, add it to our community feed. This way, the domain is blackholed for all customers. Presto, you reporting the suspect domain has helped all Strongarm customers, who in turn, someday will likely  add a domain that helps you. This all-for-one, one-for-all concept is the heart of the Community Feed.

Here’s what it looks like integrated within the Strongarm dashboard:

community feed screenshot 1

You might have also noticed we’ve made it easier to submit multiple domains at one time. This is super helpful in saving you time. For example, if you read a blog post or tweet that contains a bunch of malicious domains, you can share these with us all at once.

community feed screenshot 2


Want to automatically share every domain you add with us? Well, that’s simple too! Visit your sharing settings and pick the option that makes the most sense for your team.


Stronger Together

We as defenders must band together to stop today’s most widespread and sophisticated attacks. Keeping an eye out for malicious domains is key to your own business’s security, but it also helps us protect everyone who uses Strongarm.

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