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Introducing Content Filtering by Strongarm: Know What Happens On Your Network

August 9, 2017 | By

If your organization relies on the internet to get work done—which most businesses today certainly do—then you may be interested in content filtering. Content filtering prevents users from visiting certain types of sites—ranging from inappropriate or dangerous ones (e.g. adult content) to mere time wasters (e.g. social media).

There are lots of content filtering solutions on the market today, but many require manual configuration and upkeep or don’t provide the organization with enough visibility into what’s happening on your network. For those reasons, we are pleased to announce our own content filtering capabilities, now available within Strongarm.

How Content Filtering From Strongarm Works

As with the rest of our security-focused product, content filtering is easy to deploy across all your protected networks. Strongarm is the ideal place to implement content filtering because it offers an unobstructed view of where users are going on the internet and is quite difficult to bypass. Additionally, conventional content filtering solutions are deployed and managed per-network, requiring more of your IT team’s time and effort.

Strongarm is introducing the option to filter content as part of our security solution, because it simplifies deployment and offers an affordable alternative to other products on the market. Now you don’t need to have separate content filtering and security solutions—you can get it all in one!

Strongarm’s approach offers simplified network management and allows you to set content policies for all of your networks from a single dashboard. You can easily filter out individual domains, choose categories of domains to filter (e.g. file sharing, social, and streaming services), and customize the block page your employees see when they attempt to visit a filtered-out site. You can also generate reports that allow you to look for trends and behaviors in web browsing that could lead to security risks.

How to Get Started with Content Filtering

If you are already a Strongarm customer, getting started with our content filtering solution is easy. (If you’re not, register for an account and protect your entire business in under ten minutes at When you log in to your dashboard, you will see “Content Filtering” under the “Domains” drop-down in the navigation bar. Here you can quickly filter out domains.

manual domains

Want to block entire categories of content? Simply navigate to your “Settings” page and then “Content Filtering.” Here you will be able to choose which categories to filter across all your protected networks.

Strongarm’s content filtering allows you to customize the page your employees see when visiting a filtered site. Customizing this page helps educate your employees on why content was blocked and who to contact for assistance.

custom block page

This is the block page your users will see when they violate the content policy by attempting to visit a filtered-out site.

block page

Lastly, under the “Insights” dropdown in the navigation bar, you will find a new item for “Content Filtering.” Here you can get a quick view of what is being filtered across all your networks.

filtered requests

Your Network, Your Policies

It’s important for individual organizations to build policies that support security, productivity, and a positive culture. What matters to each individual organization varies, so it makes sense to offer content filtering that is easily customized to your needs, preferences, and values. (As always, we recommend whitelisting services your business depends on.)

With content filtering built right into your Strongarm dashboard, it’s never been easier to ensure that your users are only visiting safe and appropriate sites on your network.

Strongarm customers, give it a try today!

Want help migrating from other conventional content filtering solutions? Read our short guide in our knowledge base

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