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KnowBe4 + Strongarm: Provide Real-Time Phishing Education for Users

June 29, 2017 | By

What do ransomware, credential theft, and stolen intellectual property all have in common? These common security attacks often start with a phish—an email sent to users that attempts to steal information or get them to click on a malicious attachment or link. If the phish succeeds, your entire network can be at risk.

What You Can Do About Phishing Attacks

There is no one solution to the challenge of phishing attacks. The attackers are getting better and better at disguising emails, and your busy employees can’t be expected to be 100% vigilant. So what can you do to protect your organization against these attacks? There are five major steps we believe all organizations should take:

  1. Educate your users on how to spot phishing emails
  2. Evaluate via test cases and simulated attacks how well employees understand the training and fill in the gaps as needed
  3. Empower employees to report the suspicious emails to protect the entire organization
  4. Use DNS-based protections to block outbound connections to phishing sites
  5. Offer real-time training and feedback to users who do click on phishing emails

To help with #5 on this list, Strongarm is excited to be partnering with KnowBe4 to offer immediate and real-time training and feedback to users who click on phishing emails.

KnowBe4 + Strongarm: How it Works

Here’s how it works, in four simple steps.

  1. Protect your network with Strongarm.
  2. If a user falls for a phishing attack and clicks on a malicious link or attempts to visit a phishing site, Strongarm will block the connection.
  3. The user will then be shown a block page. This page advises the user of what happened AND contains a short, 5-minute video from KnowBe4 reinforcing some basic phishing training
  4. IT will be alerted about the block and given any available details about the user, so they can further work with the user to avoid clicks in the future.

Bringing training to the actual end user who has clicked on a bad link is a great opportunity to increase awareness and knowledge among your users and prevent future attacks from succeeding.

Having the blocking protection in place saves time and money, while also protecting your organization’s reputation. Here’s what it looks like:

knowbe4 phishing

Want to see it in action for yourself? Start a free trial with Strongarm today and immediately gain access to real-time phishing education from KnowBe4.

For existing Strongarm users, this capability is now live within the solution.