Introducing the New Strongarm Homepage

December 4, 2017 | By

Over the past year, Strongarm has added a number of new features with the goal of helping our customers triage their alerts, and to gain understanding and control of their networks. We’ve added:

  • A “Discussion” feature to enable Strongarm users to work alongside our support team in resolving alerts. This includes information about how we are classifying the alerts and gives plain english explanations on what actions Strongarm’s analysts suggest you take.
  • Content filtering for blocking websites based on your corporate policies.
  • The Insights feature for diving deeper into what’s happening on your network.

With all these new features added to the product, it was time to restructure the new Strongarm homepage to make it easier to get a summary of what is happening on your networks, as well as provide links to dive into the details. Today, we are introducing the new dashboard homepage for business users. Let’s go through the changes!

The New Strongarm Homepage

Here’s a look at the current dashboard homepage:

old homepage

Now, the new Strongarm homepage:

new strongarm homepage

The major panels in the new dashboard homepage can be broken down into four parts:

  1. A graph showing DNS traffic over the past day.
  2. The most requested domains in the past hour.
  3. The most active networks in the past day.
  4. A breakdown of alerts from the last month by classification.

Furthermore, we’ve made it easier to find out when your networks become unprotected. If there are unprotected networks on your account, there will be a “View Unprotected Networks” button in the networks panel. When clicked, it lists the unprotected networks and when they last made a DNS request:

unprotected networks

What all of this adds up to is an easier way to view what is going on across your networks, from traffic to unprotected sites. Our goal at Strongarm is to make life easy for your IT and/or security teams, and this updated dashboard should do just that.

Let Us Know What You Think

We’ve had a great response from our beta testers regarding the new dashboard homepage and are continuing to iterate on it, but we’re always interested in your feedback. If you like the homepage and/or have any ideas on how we could improve it, let us know!