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The Proactive Way To Stop Malware From Damaging Your Customers’ Businesses

May 12, 2016 | By

Did you know that 38 percent of data breaches take several days to contain once they’re caught?

That lag time can be an absolute nightmare for you and your customers. Resulting in lost productivity, the inability to transact business, and additional clean-up costs, the real cost of a breach to your business can be immense. Notably, the average cost of damages from attacks in the U.S. hit a whopping $6.5M last year. Considering that 57 percent of organizations feel that the lack of skilled in-house resources is the main challenge to information security, coupled with just how rapidly the malware problem is growing, there is a fast-growing opportunity for managed service providers to jump in and help these customers protect themselves from malware.

The right malware protection offering for your customers must toe the line between being affordable and simple, yet powerful enough to catch and quickly remove all types of malware. That’s a tall order, but at Strongarm, we believe we have cracked the code. Strongarm offers the best of both worlds by providing an automated and scalable solution for your customers at a price specifically designed for fast-growing businesses.

By extending your security offerings with Strongarm, MSPs can:

  • Add a low cost, high-margin enterprise-grade threat intelligence capability
  • Continuously monitor and automatically alert customers of malware attacks
  • Easily deploy malware protection with no agents or hardware to install
  • Automatically block and remove malware, significantly reducing the time-to-resolution

Interested in learning more about the benefits of adding Strongarm’s capabilities to your offering? Download the Strongarm Data Sheet to learn how it works.

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