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How Workiva Automates Security to Stay Ahead of Threats

March 15, 2017 | By

Small and midsized security teams like Workiva have historically been left out in the rain when it comes to affordable protection across all devices on the network. Safeguarding company systems and customer data shouldn’t be hard, but most traditional security solutions are behemoths, with more bells and whistles than anyone really needs, and a hefty price tag to boot.

To address their security concerns, Workiva, the creators of Wdesk, a cloud-based productivity platform for enterprises, turned to Strongarm’s intelligent malware protection. With Strongarm, they were able to strike the perfect balance of complete malware protection at an affordable price.

A security-conscious company, Workiva was looking to further enhance endpoint protection to safeguard their systems and customer data. Strongarm is built to stop attacks immediately by alerting the team and providing exactly what they need to respond. This allows teams like Workiva to quickly perform security ops without the need for time-intensive triage and investigation.

Today, Workiva benefits from Strongarm’s ability to provide:

  • Automated and streamlined malware protection
  • Enterprise-grade protection at a price designed for small and midsized businesses
  • Complete visibility across all of their offices

Even more, Strongarm frees up critical time for the team to focus on more strategic security priorities.

See how Workiva uses Strongarm’s affordable, simple, and automated solution in our latest case study.

Download the Case Study